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 Elizabeth (under construction)

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Elizabeth (under construction) Empty
PostSubject: Elizabeth (under construction)   Elizabeth (under construction) I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2008 4:32 pm

Name: Elizabeth
Nicknames: Beth, Liz, Lizzie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human

+Being Alone+
+Secretly enjoys singing+

-Talkative and conceited people-
Hair - Shoulder length, black hair with streaks of blue
Eyes - Icy blue
Build - Slim, but fit; about 5 ft 4
Family: At the moment, Elizabeth lives with her older brother, Devin at his house. He turned twenty three a couple of months ago.

History: Elizabeth was born in England. Her mother died giving birth to her. After her mother's death, her father moved them to Ireland because of a job transfer. She didn't have a lot of friends there, but that only made her stronger and more independent. When Devin turned twenty, he wanted adventure so he traveled all around Europe. Finally, he decided to come to America and ended up in Forks. He loved it there, so he made it his permanent home. Meanwhile, in Ireland, Elizabeth was getting herself into trouble a lot. Her father knew how much she hated meeting new people and moving to new places, so he sent her to Devin to take care of her. She's barely been at Forks for a week and already she hates it.

Personality: brillant when she wants to be, quiet, competitive, caring, courageous, independent. She has a slight English accent and can sometimes be indifferent.
Your house location - Just outside of the forest
Student - She's a student
School - Forks High School

Devin's and Elizabeth's House
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Elizabeth (under construction)
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