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 Read this it may shead light on your hearts.

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Sorrow Mist of sin's
Poser G 3
Poser G 3
Sorrow Mist of sin's

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PostSubject: Read this it may shead light on your hearts.   Mon May 19, 2008 10:17 pm

When you keep telling your
self your worth some thing
your only makeing your self WorthLess.
If you think you are worth
More then any one.
Then you are truely
Worth Nothing. I pomise you this
you can Not Live with out a True Soul
and you cant have one if you are telling
others that they are worth nothing.
when you Make them Cry when you Cheat
on your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Think
about this. Are you GOing to make them
Hate there Lives. do they care So much
about you they thay would Kill them
selves just to make you smile. Think
about it. and maybe we all won't die

Danceing Interwining of our hearts
i gave it to you now its time to play

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Read this it may shead light on your hearts.
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