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 Luna Valo (under construction)

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PostSubject: Luna Valo (under construction)   Luna Valo (under construction) I_icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 9:24 pm

Name: Luna Valo (fun fact: Luna means moon in spanish and Valo means light in Finnish)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Funny people
anything fun
unessecary bloodshed
Hair - Short black and white hair
Eyes - Dark Brown
Build - Slim with a fgure
Family: Estrela(star) her mother, Aurinko(sun) her father, Kötü(dark) her brother
Luna is the only daughter born in the Valo clan. Her brother Kötü is a notorious flirt so Luna is forced to act prestine to restore the Valo's respect. But as a child, she encountered a man she would never forget...
"Who are you mister?" Luna asked the shadowy figure by the tree.
"You're a Valo aren't cha?" the man asked Luna with a toothy grin
Luna nodded her head as she took a step back. Thens she bared her own teeth and growled at the stranger. "I'm Luna, the only daughter to the Valo clan and if you know better, then get lost" Luna told the man
The man laughed, amused by the brave child. "The only daughter? Well, i guess i'll remember that when i see you again..." he said as he stepped back into the shadows
"If i see you again, i'll tear you to shreds!" she snapped back at him only to be relieved when she saw him retreat...
Personality: Loyal, caring, sweet, playful/flirty,
Your house location - (add a pic to the botom of the chacter sheet)
Student - Student
School - The Quileutes school
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Luna Valo (under construction)
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