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 Lily Grace Walsh

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PostSubject: Lily Grace Walsh   Lily Grace Walsh I_icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 3:37 pm

Name: Lily Grace Walsh
Nickname: Lil, Gracie
Age: 18 (Newborn)
Gender: Female
Species: Vegitarian Vampire


Two faced people
Hair - shoulder length dark brown almost black hair with a slight wave to it.
Eyes - Topaz
Build - Slim, some build
Family: parents, and two brothers who are twins. All of them deceased.

History: Lily came to Forks when her father had decided to branch out on his own in the Veterinary world. In Forks she had met Sin, a boy with quite the history. Soon after she fell in love. But then one terrible night everything that could go wrong did. Sin's vampire other half, Seth, bit her and and turned her into a vampire. Mad with thirst, she ran home to her family and killed them all before she could stop herself. Soon after the incident she fled to a small town just outside of Anchorage. There she tried to kill herself, but remembered that she had promised Sin she would not.

Lily vowed on that day to never let a drop of human blood curse her tongue again. She remains in Anchorage struggling to fight the almost unbearable thirst. The pain of the loss of her family still dwells deeply within her only driving her forward in her promise to stay away from human blood.
Personality: (Your characters personality)
Schooling: High school diploma.
Your house location - A small, old cabin outside of Anchorage
Student - Not
School - None

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Lily Grace Walsh
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