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 Rochelle the Red Butterfly

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PostSubject: Rochelle the Red Butterfly   Rochelle the Red Butterfly I_icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 8:08 pm

Name: Rochelle
Nickname: Ro, the Red Butterfly
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf 'Human Devouring'

Big wooden sticks she can hit people with
Her rival gangs
People who try to control her
Hair - (Hair colour and length etc)
Eyes - (Eye colour)
Build - 5'7", slender
Family: Currently lives with her adopted parents and 15 year old brother.
History: Two years ago.
I was breathing heavily. Blood ran down my cheek, dripping onto my shirt. My knife was bloody, and the girl standing in front of me was clutching her arm and wincing, then dropped her stick to the ground. "Ah," she moaned, then fell to her knees. "They told me the Red Butterfly was good. I'm glad I got to fight with such a legendary girl. It was an honor." She bowed her head, her dark hair covering her face.
"Thank you," I said coldly, my eyes glinting in the moonlight. "But I have to say, you're pathetic for thinking you even had a chance of beating me."
She laughed weakly. "It was stupid. I'm not good enough yet." I grabbed her stick, raised it up, and hit her side with it, making her fall to the ground and cry out.
I walked away, dragging the stick on the ground.

"Why do you do things like this!" father yelled, and smacked me across the face. I grunted, leaning against the wall. Mother looked at me from beyond, her eyes sad and disappointed.
"If you could have only been a good girl, Rochelle," she whispered, tears streaming down her eyes.
"Why do you think I'm like this!"I screamed. "It's all your fault! Blame yourself for having such a terrible daughter! If you wanted a good one, you should never have had me!"
Father grabbed my arm and threw e across the room. I landed in a heap on the floor. "Don't you ever say such things again, Rochelle, or you will be thrown out of this house."
"I don't care!"I sobbed. "I hope you do! I'm better suited for the streets anyway." Ricky, my little four-year-old brother came out in his PJ's, holding his blanket.
"Sissie?" he said. "Why are you covered in blood?" He came over to me and hunched down beside me. His tiny hand reached out, only to be pulled away by mother.
"If you won't do it for your father and me," mother said, "at least do it for your brother. Please, Rochelle, set a good example. I know you can do it." Her eyes looked at me, begging and pleading.
"I'm sorry,"I said. "But you have too much faith in me anyway."

"Ro!" Jack yelled up the stairs. "Are you coming? There's a meeting tonight, you know."
Ah, yes. The big meeting where my gang was going to talk about our next moves for territory. "I kind of have to,"I called back. "I am the leader, after all." I pulled on my long black coat and put my hair up in a messy bun, then ran downstairs to meet Jack, the newest adition to my gang. It used to be all-girls, but recently I had changed it, though girls were still dominant. Jack's swollen left eye marked his entry into the most powerful amateur gang in Seattle.
When we walked out, I could see my adopted mother's eyes, watching us silently. To tell the truth, my real parents had sold me to these people for twenty-thousand bucks. I thought the price was a bit too high for someone like me, but oh well...

Personality: Cold, mean, tough, not very trusting
Your house location - (add a pic to the botom of the chacter sheet)
Student - Student, grade 11
School - A school in Seattle, but she hardly ever goes
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Rochelle the Red Butterfly
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