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 Hypocrite (Sally!)

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PostSubject: Hypocrite (Sally!)   Hypocrite  (Sally!) I_icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 7:29 pm

The music pounded in my ears, a thrumming noise, scratching, the singer's voice interrupted and started again, over and over. The music was like a wave, pulsing in my ears, the bass seeming to make my heart beat alongside it. Bodies sweated around me, pressing in closer, drinks sloshing, girls and guys calling out to their friends. I moved towards the edge of things, watching the DJ scratch out a beat, her head bobbing.
And she was a werewolf no less. I looked at her with a cold glint in my eye. You are the enemy of my friends. But the truth was, I really didn't want to hate her. Really, I just wanted a friend who wasn't supremely gorgeous and hard to look at in the sun. Of course, an actual human friend would have been better, but this was okay for now.
I waited for the song to be over so I could go talk to her.
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Hypocrite (Sally!)
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