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 Sally of the Valley

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PostSubject: Sally of the Valley   Sally of the Valley I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 1:40 pm

Name: Sally Daniels
Nickname: Sal, Alley Sally, Sally of the Valley
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Werewoves (Human Devouring)



Hair - Dirty Blondeish, (mostly blonde)
Eyes - Hazel Green
Build - Fit 5'8
Family: Twelve year old cousin
History: I stood up, and signaled the guy in the rafters to shine the light on me, and said, "Yo-yo Forks!! 'Ow you doin' t'nite?" The crowd screamed. "You ready fpr some fuckin' guud music??" I yelled in the mic. The crowd jumped and screamed. So did I. I picked up a CD, flipped it and the put it in. I mouthed the words to "my Humps" by Fergie, while dancing.
After about midnight, i picked up the mic, and then yelled , " Pee-ple of Forks, scream if u, Lo-ove to par-tay. "
The music stopped.
The lights went out.
It was silent.
Then people started screaming, not screams of joy, but screams of fear, horror, and pain. I felt wind blow through the building. My shirt flew up, and my hair went wild, as I saw a single, white light, in the middle of the floor, and 4 black figures flew in from nowhere.
I jumped from my platform, and landed on my feet. I walked cooly over to the figures, swings my shoulders, and swaying. As i was close enough to touch them i put my hand on my hip and my other hand out, and said, "Hey. Who're you?" A cold, dead hand went at my throat with great force, the wind got knocked out of me as the, man i guessed, lifted me off the ground.
I put my hands on his one hand, and felt it. It was cold, and hard with no bumps, or anything it was just a cool flat surface. I choked and then laughed saying, "Hey, don't hate me, but who are you?"
The figure stepped in the light, and then i had to sheild my eyes, as colourful light flew everywhere. I squinted, and then looked at him. He was beautiful. Smooth white marble skin, Almond hair, and Hazel eyes. I expected his expression to be flaring, but it was soft.
"I am Justin Murray, and you are about to die," his voice rang like a bell. He sounded so calm, and emotionless.
My voice was less hoarse, because he loosened his grip, but I was still in the air as I said, "Come on, now. You don't wanna kill a little cuttie like me doya?" I made my puppy dog eyes.
His expression didn't change, but he released me, and I fell to the floor, but soon jumped up with excitment, and then jumped into his arms to hug him. "Thanks for not killing meh." i whispered in his ear.
His arms didin't touch me but his hands did, they just slightly patted my side. I let go of him, and then shrugged, and smiled.
He eyed me strangely, and then signaled his friends. I noticed one of them dragged someone with them. I guessed maybe that the person who was being dragged was related to the dragger somehow. I closed my eyes, and then when I opened them the lights, were glowing, people were dancing, and the music was on. I frowned, looked around, and shrugged.
The next morning, on the news it said that someone was missing, and then the next, next morning they were found dead, in the dumpster, by the building were the party was......

Personality: Out-going, Hyper, Happy, Energetic, High
Your house location - Death Valley (hence the nickname Sally of the Valley)
Student - yes
School - Forks
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Sally of the Valley
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