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PostSubject: Supplies   Supplies I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 1:27 pm

i left school in a hurry
i knew what i needed to do
and that involoved a tent
so as i drove down the road i thought of the kid
uh mike i think his name was
but i had bigger things to deal with
i drove down the road in silence again then all of a sudden out of the blue
there it was
Newton's sportingoods
thats the place
i pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car i looked at the store
"i hope theres alot of help in here" i had no idea what to look for but i was dertemined to find out.
i walked through the door, a little bell jingled when the door was pulled to
"uh excuse me?" i called
there was a boy behined the counter he turned when heard my voice
"oh Hayley what brings you here?" ha called coming from in back of the counter
"you work here?" i sounded suprized and overly interested in what he had to say
"well my parents own it" he gushed
"oh wow thats really cool" there i went with that interested thing again
"so what do you need?" he asked a smile from ear to ear shown on his face
"i need a tent" i said in cofidence
"why" he looked bewildered
"i like to camp" i lied
"oh well then" he was totaly professinal now "we have this one that holds six and this one that...."
"just give me that one" i cut him off
"okay" he knew that i dint need a six person tent but he rang it up anyway
"that will be 100.25" he said "anything else?" he asked
"yeah i want a lantern and a map" i said in a rush
"okay that will be 115.12" he said
"charge it" i handed him the credt card completely ditracted by the fact that it was about to rain i had to work fast
"ok it went through thank you...." he tried to say but i was already out the door and in my car
i was speeding. very unusual i thought to myself. my heart was racing
was i really ready to know who he was
or would i be sorry ?
the feeling in the pit of my stoumach said
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