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 Hayley Lynn

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Poser G 3

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Age : 26
Location : Sleepling in a tree =] in ur backyard i iz gunna killz u!
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PostSubject: Hayley Lynn   Hayley Lynn I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 9:14 am

Name:Hayley Lynn
Nickname: Lynn
Age: 16
Gender: (Female)
Species: human
she likes: purple,cute boys,history,running around amilessly in the forests,chilling with her friends,florida,rain,thunder, lightning.
Math,sitting doing nothing alone,sunburn,fish,rocks(they have creepy bugs under them),Big bugs!,pale kids,rap music,scary emo kids,shorts,one peice bathing suits,red,being sick,hospitals,sad people (so i try to make them happy ^^).
Hair - Med. blonde with a brown wash and a steak of pruple in the bangs(longer bangs cut to the side.
Eyes - blue/green
Build - slim,5"4 1/2
Family:two story older house with an eat in kitchen and two bathrooms one in the center hallway when you come up the stairs and one in my moms room ia a lavender with two big windows. a bay window is found directly across from the door, with cousion for reading/doing homework. i have a full size bed that dominated the middle of the room.i have a smaller walk in closet.and posters of my favoritebands/artists on them. (some include: parmore,silverstein,josh turner,boys like girls,we the kings,ect.)
i have only a mom.

History:i was born in kyoto,japan i was a navy brat untill my father passed away last summer, my dad died in a motercycle accident in Ft.lauderdale,Fl so thats why we moved here, after i was born we were moved to san diego califronia. this is where i spent my happy childhood days in peaceful ignorant bliss, then we move to san antonio texas when i was 14, there we spent nine months, while my mom was pregnant, in the fall of my fifthteenth birthday, i had a sister named alexandra. she died in the summer from diptheria. my mom was devistated. so then we moved to chorpus christie texas so we could pick up on our lives again. my mom decided that we couldnt stay in texas so we moved to Ft.Lauderdale, and then after my dad was gone we moved here so my mom could peresue her dream of becoming a published author. so i mostly stay out of the house to let her write.

personality: im a bubly happy induvidual despite my past, ilove to meet new people and am very chrismatic around the boys. if you know what i mean ^^
Your house location - (add a pic to the botom of the chacter sheet)
Student - 11th grader
School - Forks high school
Hayley Lynn MyHouse
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Hayley Lynn
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