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 Sin Kiroptro

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Sorrow Mist of sin's
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Poser G 3
Sorrow Mist of sin's

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PostSubject: Sin Kiroptro   Sin Kiroptro I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 8:24 pm

Name: Sin, Kiroptro,
Name: Seth,
Nickname: N/A ,
Nickname: N/A ,

Age: 16,

Gender: Male,

Species: Werewolf,
Species: Vampire (Human Devouring)

Hair - color Black, style slick, length 7in,
Eyes - Green
Build - Slim, hight 6ft, Native American,

Drives: Black Buell Max speed: 250mph 200 mph in six seconds (a Motercycle)

Biological Father(werewolf) - Seneco is Dead
Biological Mother(Werewolf) - Natha is Dead



Sin was born in a war; his perents where not as lucky as he was they died, vampiers killed them and never found Sin, he seemed to be less trackable then normal werewolves. Sin had lived on his own since his whole famly had died, when i was sixteen i met this girl....


"Aah, my darling Evangeline..." Felix murmured. He swept me up in his arms and twirled me around. I giggled like a little girl in her father's embrace. "You are doing marvelously well in your eating habits, my dear."
"Thank you, Felix," I replied. He put me down, noticing the red of my eye was a little dull.
"Are you hungry, Angel? We just got a fresh shipment in today." He led me to the room, where I got to pick out any human I wanted. I picked a slightly nervous looking boy about sixteen or so, who looked to be Native American. We got all kinds here in Voltura.
Ten minutes after they led him, screaming, away, they handed me a glass full of thick, steaming blood....


A vampire girl chose me as her blood bank, Evangeline? when i heared her name i wanted to rip her throught out... i was only about sixteen at the time, and i hadent become a full fleged wolf yet, but after one of the Volterra drained some of my blood it kicked in, a Riped his throat out after the Volterra with my claws, i ramed my self out of the enclosed room and made my way to the exit i was right there when....


One of the guards stopped running long enough to say, "There's a werewolf on the loose in here. He's young. Do you mind if we use Evangeline a little while, Felix? We can use you as well."
That was news. A werewolf in Volterra. In the castle, none the less. I grinned, the rush of a challenge already beginning. I ran, following the smell, my skirts flapping around my ankles.
No one else was in the hallway, as I followed the scent. And there it was. The dog. I smiled at him before attacking...


i snarled at her, my mind was filled with the thoughts of escapeing, I lunged at her pulling my claws at her face, my teeth covered in Drool, that was when Felix got an game to play with me, he grabed one of the boys from the room and walked down the hall...


He was distracted. Perfect. I took a split second to cuff him across the face and, using all my strength, pinned him against the wall. Felix was at my side, one arm around the boy, one arm pulling open the huge jaws of the wolf-boy. The young boy was unconcious.
"You think it's fun to hunt us down?" Felix growled at the wolf. "You think it's okay, because we have no souls, that you won't lose yours? That may be so, but after this, I'll make sure you won't keep yours. You'll understand what we live through, one way or another."
And then he forced the little boy into the wolf's jaws...


i squrmed madly trying to escape, my claws hit felix...


It was done. The wolf boy had eaten the human. But at such great cost. Felix was hurt, his granite shoulder split open. "NO!" I screamed, and let go of the wolf, leaning down to help Felix.


the blood of the boy splatered around the room as my jaws where forced shut on the boy, i ran at my top speed makeing it to the exit i made it through it was the dead of night and i made my way out of town at the fastes speed imaganable, my smell was not trackable, it seemed i had gotten a gift thrugh the bite that the vampire that took my blood to her

The last words she said..

Oh no.
I had drunk the blood of a werewolf. What would happen to me now? I felt...queasy. Blood spattered on the walls made me dizzy, twirling around. I fell to the floor, wanting the wolf blood out of my body.
I screamed.
My stomache twisted in on itself, but nothing came out. The blood had already seeped into my veins.
Ohhh, the pain. My body felt like I was slowly being torn apart. I writhed on the ground, my scream piercing even my own ears. My eyes were burning, the wolf blood flowing up to them. This pain was worse even than when I had turned from human to vampire. It was worse than anything.
"Sin," I whispered, feeling broken. "I won't forgive you for this."
His blood had made me evolve into a whole new species of vampire.

Personality: Loyal, Intelagent, playful, loveing, kind, Devilish,
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Sin Kiroptro
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