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 Kana Longsworth

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PostSubject: Kana Longsworth   Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:18 pm

Name: Kana Longsworth
Nickname: Kana
Age: 17
Species: Vampires 'Vegitarian'

+Animal Blood
-Rude Vampires,
-Human Eating Vampires,
-Usually Rules
Hair - Blonde hair, goes down to mid to end of back, very long hair
Eyes - Ice blue
Build - Slim yet fit, 5'10"
Family: A mom and Dad, mother died at birth, father still exists but is almost dead. No siblings. Lives in a 2 floor house in Forks.
History: Kana was born in 1973 as a young girl. Her mother died during birth but still she survived. Her father raised her, and provided needs for her. But when she reached the age of 17, she came down with Polio and almost died but a doctor [Dr. Cullen] bit her to keep her alive so now she is a vampire.

Personality: Kana is very bubbly and happy. But she will be shy around strangers. She is sometimes a flirt but hangs out with guys usually, most girls either envy her or hate her.
Your house location - ()In Forks
Student - )Senior
School - Forks High School

follow to find area where house is
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Kana Longsworth
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