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 the grim reaper in a dress

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Poser G 2

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the grim reaper in a dress Empty
PostSubject: the grim reaper in a dress   the grim reaper in a dress I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 9:37 pm

name: Zol Rachio Delm
nick name: grim or reaper
age: 22
gender: female
species: human.

tight situations

sorrow (as in depression)

hair: black, long,
eyes: silver, murderous
build: slim, strong, 5'7

family: a family of top noch, trained asassins. it runs in the buisness.
history: as she grew up, she was trained by her family not to feel, or have any pity. they were all set as experiments. each family member has a special gift. then when they turn 16, their parents barred their doors and throw their kids out into the world. killing them if they come back.
personality: never underestimates, un emotional. every life or death situation is common for her.
house location: cant tell, or else ill die
student: no. shes under cover as a nurse.
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the grim reaper in a dress
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