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 Evangeline (I am a thief!)

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PostSubject: Evangeline (I am a thief!)   Evangeline (I am a thief!) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 7:14 pm

Name: Evangeline Black

Nicknames: Eva, Angie, Angel

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire "Human Devourer"

Hair: Black ringlets, midway between shoulder blades and waist

Eyes: Lavender (red with blue contacts)

Build: Slim, 5'6"

Playing with her hair
Wearing cat ears

Remembering her real family
Pregnant teenage girls
Boys who are infatuated with themselves

Family: She has a large family, including her "mother (Aurora)", "father (Jackson)", and two brothers (William and Henry), both older than her. They tend to go their separate ways, but once every few years they have a reunion. She killed her human family by accident after changing to a vampire, in her need for blood.

History: Evangeline was born in London, 1756, to Julius and Virginia Black. She had a little sister, Ellie, and a twin brother, Edmond (which is part of the reason why she feels so close to Edward Cullen later on). At age sixteen she was engaged to a handsome, rich lord, and their marriage was only eight months away. She wanted nothing more than to run away from all of that, thinking that this was surely a terrible way to live. Eva had always been fiercely independent and had her own ideas about everything.
But on June 8, 1775, the only date she can remember for her past life, she was attacked while walking with her best friend, Lily, to the market. They were knocked out, and she woke up in a cave, to a burning fire that encased her whole body. This was, in fact, her transformation. She writhed on the ground, screaming, and bumped into Lily's lifeless corpse. She had been the vampire's food, instead of his new companion. Eva can remember feeling that she desparately wished to have been as lucky as her friend.
After not too long, her voice grew so hoarse that she could only scream in her head. The pain went on for four long days, and the only other thing happening was a man giving her water every now and then. She could not remember his face, no matter how hard she tried.
When the pain was finally done, she passed out, and woke in her own bed in her house. Eva had a hunger in her stomach she had never felt before. Before she even knew what she was doing, she had already killed her family, drinking their blood, but even that did not quench the thirst entirely. She followed the smell of blood outside and followed it, embarking on an unknown killing spree in London. Only after killing a few dozen people did she stop, hiding in an alley, her mind racing, not even thinking of what she had just done. All night she sat, her eyes glazed, lost in a sort of half-craze.
In the morning, several people walked into the alley. Two large men, and a very short girl who Evangeline wasn't sure of age. She followed the people willingly, only looking for answers to what had happened. Parts of her life next had been blurry. She remembered meeting more people in a sort of underground castle in Italy. They told her that she... was a vampire, and she did not deny it. How else was she to explain her sudden lust for blood? The others were vampires as well, the Volturi. They told her all about being what she was, what she had to do, what she was to avoid. They let her stay there with them, to train her. They gave her multitudes of tests to find her "special ability" as they called it. It turns out that she was , alongside her vampire strength and speed, the quickest and strongest vampire the Volturi had ever seen. She was surely extraordinary, they said.
Five years passed. Her "family" taught her proper manners of how to eat, how to address fellow vampires, how to hunt. They taught her tracking skills, at which she excelled. And they found that Evangeline, only a vampire for five years, had a tolerability of blood that matched the Volturi's. She was their prodigy, a weapon among weapons, an extra-special find they would not give up easily.
But she only stayed with them for fifty years. Because she remembered killing her real family, and with her strength, she could easily do that to any of the Volturi, but she did not want to. She requested a tracking job, which her family gave to her, a bit reluctantly. She was instructed to follow a male vampire, named Jose`, who had started to create vampire children.
The search did not take long, only a few months. When Eva did catch him, the last thing he said before being ripped to peices was that he had been her creator. Shocked, she almost let him get away. She never took on another tracking job, but instead lived in Paris, France for a few years, until people started to ask why she never got older. Now it was 1828.
The only time she ever lost control of herself was when she was roaming the streets of Italy. In an alley, she came across five or six young men. They were smoking drugs, and Evangeline was filled with hate that they would throw their lives away like that. She remembered coming to her senses only after they had been eaten.
In 1846 she went to Australia, where she met a group of four vampires, human devourers, who were traveling in a pack. She had been told they usually didn't stay in a group like this, so she was a bit surprised. Even more surprising was how they accepted her into their family, no questions asked. Aurora and Jackson were her new parents, and she had two older brothers, Henry and William. The family was astounded of her eating habits and high tolerance for blood, plus her politeness.
The family all loved each other, and Evangeline finally started to forget of her human family. But after thirty-odd years or so, they broke up, deciding to meet again in Australia every three years. Eva went to America, deciding it was best for her. She traveled around the country, alone, feeding on animals if there was no source near enough to get humans. She loved New York the best. It was easy to blend in there, and plenty of people weren't missed when he got hungry.
Fast-forward to 1907. She was roaming around when she came to a little town. In the alley's, where she tended to stay, she heard a little boy cry for her. He ran up and clung to her skirts. When asked what was wrong, he mumbled about missing his mother. The two stayed together until his mother finally found them.
The little six-year-old boy was Edward Masen.
His mother, Elizabeth Masen, thanked Evangeline and promised money, but Eva turned it down. Elizabeth brought her to the Masen house and tried to at least feed the girl, but to no avail. Finally, little Edward came running up, holding out a bracelet to Eva. It was a bracelet with clear, sparkling beads, and a crystal heart charm that sparkled in the light, much like Evangeline's skin. She accepted it, and still wears it to this day. When she meets Edward he recognizes the bracelet and someone helping him out in his childhood, but cannot recall who it was.
The bracelet is the other reason why Evangeline thinks of Edward as her little brother. The charm is exactly like the one Edward gives Bella, and the two girls think this is quite hysterical.

Personality: Bubbly, Sweet, Kinda crazy, Thoughtful when she wants to be
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Evangeline (I am a thief!)
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