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 Sorrow Shine Mist (he such a nice dady)

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Sorrow Mist of sin's
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Sorrow Mist of sin's

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Sorrow Shine Mist (he such a nice dady) Empty
PostSubject: Sorrow Shine Mist (he such a nice dady)   Sorrow Shine Mist (he such a nice dady) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 6:30 pm

Name: Sorrow Shine Mist
Nickname: Mist. rain, bad Boy. Dead man. Girlfriend stealer.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: human
+good girls+
+his baby+
-being good-
-the mother of his child-
-Girls that lie to him like the mom-
Hair - Brown short
Eyes - jade
Build - he was fat when he was yunger but just resently he bacame thin, he is 5'11
Family: His father told him to leave when he came home with the baby and asked him if he could have money wich his father gave him $1.000 but told him he needed to pay it back. so he works part time in port angles while he Goes to school in the Quileutes high school....
The mother of his child Lith name is Kaia, Rain. She was his best friends girlfriend she admited she loved Sorrow at a party and she told him she wanted to give him some thing but she needed him to go to her house with her so he did and they went into her room and made a baby when the baby was born Sorrow was Desprately in love with his Friends girlfriend. she dumped his friend and Sorrow was going to ask her to marrie him when she... Told him she never wanted to see him agian because of the baby... Sorrow told her many times "dont go i love you i need you" but every time he said it she would scream "no you dont you just want to use me!" wich Sorrow never did he never did any thing like that ever untill he met her all most a year ago. and he has never seen any one that had ever hit him as the most Beatyfulthing other then her and his Baby boy. he was named Lith. and he looked like his mother in many ways when Sorrow looked at his child while it slep he could do nothing but cry painfully
Personality: (Your characters personality)
Your house location - Port angles
Student - Student
School - Quileutes high school
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Sorrow Shine Mist (he such a nice dady)
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