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 Laws Read them

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The Admin
The Admin

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PostSubject: Laws Read them   Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:38 pm

1. No Power playing
2. Fighting between groups is aloud.
3. No Killing/Suicide unless. You must then PM the Admin to see if it is okay, and your old character sheet will be moved to the graveyard, so you can make a new one.
4. No God Mode
5. Behavior pg-18 and up must have a Topic title of "X"

However!!! If your post needs to contain some gore (etc) please Mark it clearly on your thread title e.x - A fight to the death *contains gore*'

6. Stay in Character, no jumping from OOC to IC, keep all OOC conversations in the OOC boards.
7.No verbal abuse to other members.

Please follow these rules carefully and make sure not to break any of them, if you do you will be PMed and issued a warning.
Break the rules again you will be have one last warning before being suspended from the forum for a reasonable amount of time.
if you continue to break the rules you will banned from this site completely.

more to be added
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Laws Read them
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